L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary consensus based national rating system for developing high performance, sustainable buildings. Developed by U.S.G.B.C., L.E.E.D. addresses all building types and emphasizes state of the art strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and resources selection, and indoor environmental quality. L.E.E.D. is a practical rating tool for green building design and construction that provides immediate and measurable results for building owners and occupants. (www.usgbc.org)


TI Management Group can put one of our accredited Green-Certified Project Managers in place for your next project. We can prove to you that going green will actually save you money in most cases. If you need your building certified, please contact us to get the process rolling.


On request, our professional cleaning crews can use green chemicals, that help the environment, and pose no long term health issues. This green program helps clients earn points toward L.E.E.D. certification while keeping our planet healthy.



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