David Thielke

CEO | Sales

24 Years of Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations experience in Silicon Valley in working with well known reputable firms in all areas of Construction and Ongoing Building Maintenance Services.

My attention to detail and customizing unique programs designed to meet our clients’ mutual objectives is what allows us to establish long term mutually rewarding business relationships with our valued clients. We look forward to showing you our pro-active management structures and diverse array of professional services today!


David Bates

CFO | Projects

30 Years of Construction and Project Management working with high profile corporations in the Greater Bay Area.  My exceptional background in construction management and business development will build your company and expand its market share in highly competitive marketplaces because of the extra value my firm will deliver.  My knowledge of all phases of business operations ensures that I will be an invaluable resource to your company's future.



TI Management Group is currently managing accounts throughout Northern California. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA., TI Management Group's professional staff is concentrating our efforts to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. TI Management Group continues to exceed it's projected goals, expecting to expand to other Western Regions of the United States in the near future.



TI Management Group will provide you with a Certificate of Holder or as an additional insured as indicated by your project. Liability, Workmen's Compensation and appropriate bonds will be issued to your requirements based on our contractor's coverage.



TI Management Group currently manages many 24-hour operations. Several determining factors allow us to maintain the consistent level of service our valued clients are accustomed to. Our professional staff is accessible through multiple means of communication such as email, pagers and phones, 24 hours a day.



TI Management Group is surpassing all recent annual revenue goals and expects to double our annual growth every year for the next few years. This is realistic based on our firm's over 15 years of experience and a devoted customer database.           



TI Management Group's ongoing policy is to create customized specifications or to work with existing specifications provided by the client and issue copies to field crew, supervisory staff, designated quality control manage and account manager. We proactively meet with all staff weekly to ensure all standards of operations are being met.



TI Management Group uses all of the latest technology for accounting, budgeting project management, scheduling, reporting and database management. Latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Project and Outlook track all of our tasks, including Excel and Project.



TI Management Group is committed to maintaining a professional and team-oriented environment from our management team to all contractors who are proud to be part of the TI Management Group network.



TI Management Group's established quality assurance program is designed for us to self-police every aspect of your scope of work. A designated quality control manager will tour your facility frequently and grade the quality of work performed. All information will be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet, reviewed and followed-up with the account supervisor. Copies of these reports are available to the client for comparative review. Implementation of this system will allow the client and TI Management Group to appropriately measure the level of service being provided on an ongoing basis.



TI Management Group is in full compliance with all safety and training programs, including IIPP, OSHA and other government requirements. TI Management Group maintains safety-training logs for safety meetings held weekly on site.



TI Management Group is capable of providing Union and Non-Union labor bids for your services. We would designate an assigned site supervisor to oversee our ongoing daily operations with lead personnel stationed at each facility where applicable.



Understanding the importance of beginning business relationships, we would take necessary actions to see that our mutual goals are met from the start. We believe that the first impression is lasting, and take pride in our initial presentation.



Upon award of the contract, we would provide all main points of contact at your facilities with our "all in one" management card, indicating the key personnel from our company that would be directly responsible for the ongoing operations of your facilities. The proposed management of your facilities has over 35 years experience and fully understands the importance of maintaining "world class facility standards".



Rates are valid for a period of one year. Annual increase may apply based on industry wage standards. Tools and equipment required to perform duties are inclusive in monthly costs. Consumables and paper products are billed in addition to monthly contract, if applicable.



TI Management Group bills monthly at the beginning of each month being serviced. Net 30-day payment terms are typical. Monthly billing summaries are available upon request.



Our commitment to providing the highest level of service available in the industry insists that we take proper measures to see that our client's actual needs are met on an ongoing daily basis. If such expectations are not met, our site supervisors and lead personnel will write up employees for non-performance. Any 3 notices will be grounds for removal from any site. Performance reviews and site visits can be conducted as often as required to see that your needs are met.


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